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Sculpting the front of the stomach, lower stomach “pouch”, and “love handles”. This starts at the bottom of the rib cage.

Body sculpts both upper arms and focuses on the tricep area.

Choose either upper back or lower back to sculpt. Upper would include upper sides and bra area. Lower back would include love handles and back of hips.

Include both upper back and lower back sculpting. Upper would include upper sides and bra area and lower back would include love handles and back of hips.

This includes the tightening of the skin of the upper chest area above the breast. Tightening of the skin should help raise the breast.

This includes sculpting both breasts to reduce the size.

Sculpting chin and neck area to reduce “double chin”.

Using different applicators, we smooth and tighten the area of choice.

This includes contouring, slimming, and smoothing the butt and top of the upper thigh.

This includes from knee to ankle treatment of both legs.

Sculpting and shaping of two areas of both upper legs. Pick two areas: inner thigh, outer thigh and hip area, front of thigh, back of thigh. We will smooth and shape adjacent areas for continuity.

Sculpt and reduce the amount of chest adipose tissue to provide a flatter, more defined chest.

rejuvenate your body.


The body acne treatment helps reduce the production of oils in glands, treating inflammation, and combatting some of the bacterial elements present in acne (CO2 is anti-microbial).

Cryo temperatures and specified applicators are used to increase blood flow to the area which will help increase hair follicle regrowth.

Here we focus on ONE of the following options in one area: 1. Skin Tightening 2. Reducing the appearance of stretch marks 3. Reducing the appearance of scars – this will stimulate the production of collagen. A minimum of 6 treatments is recommended.

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red light belt therapy.

Red light therapy utilizes multiple frequencies of red light + near infrared light that help you achieve many wellness & aesthetic-related improvements. It helps with skin rejuvenation, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, burn body fat, and helps alleviate joint pain.

vibration plate.

When standing on the plate, it transmits energy to your body which forces your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times each second. It helps with weight loss, increases lymphatic drainage, flexibility, balance, and more.

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